Judge Priest

Judge Priest ★★★½

I'm really impressed at how Ford can show both the bombastic, patriotic side of American culture without casting aside the negative aspects of Americana. Even though this film is baked in pro-Confederacy nostalgia, Ford is still able to lampoon the characters in the film as being overzealous and absurd in their blind love for their own culture.

For instance, in the film's climactic courtroom scene, Roger's character uses this blind patriotism to get his defendant out of a likely guilty sentence simply by calling on a character witness to share a story of the man's bravery fighting for the Confederacy. Once the band strikes up Dixie outside, all the men in the courtroom shout and jump up and down in celebration as the judge in the fervor declares the defendant not guilty. Sure we get justice in the end but only from Roger's playing his townspeople as chumps.