Christopher Nolan has wanted nothing more than for the world to see Tenet, and not even a global pandemic would stop him. And as one of the first movies released in theatres in almost six months, it is certainly a lot to handle. Even as a big fan of Nolan and all of his work, I had more questions when this movie ended than when it started.

For 90% percent of the runtime, I had no idea what the hell was going on. Even when stuff started to make sense, Nolan would throw a curveball, and I would go right back to staring at the screen in absolute confusion.

For some time now, Nolan has tended to put sound above dialogue. And when there are so many important conversations that we need to hear to understand what is happening, the overabundance of noise and music can make those scenes even more confusing than they already are. The criticism of the sound editing and mixing is warranted, and I can see a lot of people hating this movie if they do not talk with other people or watch videos online to get a clear understanding of everything. This is a movie you have to see multiple times.

Yes, this movie is a technical masterpiece that looks beautiful in every frame. But even if everything looks as amazing as it does, I cannot enjoy myself as much I could be when I have almost no idea what is going on. In the end, your enjoyment comes down to how you perceive Nolan as a filmmaker and the movie itself.

I know I'm sounding negative, but there is a lot to love. You just have to understand what you are loving, even if it is not making complete sense. Nolan trusts that you will be patient and figure it all out eventually, even if it is a slow burn. For the most part, everyone is really good, and as I said, everything about it looks incredible. Overall, I enjoyed it.

I am not rating Tenet right now. I want to see it again once I have a clear understanding of everything so I can give it the fair score it deserves.

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