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  • The Vampire Lovers

    The Vampire Lovers


    I understand that this is an erotic vampire film and that Peter Cushing isn't the main draw of an erotic vampire film, but I wish there were more Peter Cushing in this.

  • Batman & Robin

    Batman & Robin


    Visually, this is the most comic booky of the Batman movies (even including the Adam West TV movie), and it's actually cool to look at. But the screenplay, ugh. Even if they were able to sort out providing origin stories for Batgirl, Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane, along with the struggles of Batman and Robin working as a team, along with the Alfred dying subplot, there's still the problem of every other line being a terrible pun. The over-the-top camp of the visuals clash with the pooly executed camp of the dialogue.

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  • Joy



    Quality performances by everyone in the cast, which makes it all the more puzzling as to how this film could be so dull. There's no energy. Or, to put it in an incredibly trite and obvious way, there's no joy.

  • Godzilla


    Who am I supposed to care about in this movie? The navy bomb disarmer who is only important because he's nearby when semi-important things get blown up? The scientists who do nothing but look surprised at things? (Ken Watanabe is only in the movie so there can be someone to pronounce 'Godzilla' with a Japanese accent.) The random military people who fail in every attempt to accomplish anything? The adorable children who are being used as emotional props? Or am…