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  • Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

    Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead


    One of the most ignorant claims is that this film is nothing more than a "cheap Tarantino knockoff"when it feels nothing like it and the screenplay was written before Reservoir Dogs was even released. This is a smart crime drama/dark comedy with heart that feels wholly unique. Filled with a cast of talented actors playing quirky characters such as Buscemi's indestructible hitman "Mr. Shush" along with Christopher Lloyd (need I say more?), Christopher Walken, William Forsythe, Fairuza Balk, Treat Williams,…

  • White Elephant

    White Elephant


    On the surface, White Elephant is a fun, shoot-em-up actioner featuring an all-star cast of talent both behind and in front of the camera. And while this is absolutely the case, it goes deeper with substance than a film of this caliber needs to go, exploring themes of honor and loyalty as flawed characters struggle with their own morality.

    Take for example,, Gabriel, played by Michael Rooker, a man who operates within a code of ethics. You don't see it…

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  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    This is the big blockbuster Godzilla film I've been waiting for! As someone who loves the old Toho classics as well as the 2014 movie which this is a sequel to, I had high hopes for KOTM and can honestly say that even though I knew what to expect, I wasn't disappointed.

    It's easy to be skeptical when it comes to Westernized versions of Kaiju, especially the biggest of them all - Godzilla. However, Legendary nailed it with this one.…

  • War for the Planet of the Apes

    War for the Planet of the Apes


    Riveting, exciting and climatic...
    These are a few words I would use to describe the cinematic conclusion to the Apes trilogy. As the intro states, the movie begins years after the events in "Dawn", when the apes and man live amongst one another. Though it works as a standalone film, I recommend checking out the two before it if you haven't. It is an engaging story that pulls you in with strong performances and fantastic visuals.

    As a fan of…