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  • Nancy



    Andrea Riseborough is so, so, so, SO diverse – I could (and will) watch her in anything.

    Nancy is an emotional and eerie look at how our hopes and dreams can push rationality aside. The cinematography is beautiful and I loved the change of aspect ratio as a stylistic choice.

  • Thoroughbreds



    A stylish, odd, dark humour-ridden ride (geddit?). Felt almost like a Yorgos Lanthimos creation.

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Took me around 10/15 minutes to fully get into it (I've found that with previous Lanthimos films), but once 'in', it's devilishly perfect.

    The score is both gleeful and disturbing, the dialogue is fantastically funny and the use of tilt and dutch angles make for a fun, disorientating watch.

    Stone and Colman are wonderful but I think it's Rachel Weisz that steals the show for me – the best role of her career.

  • The Tale

    The Tale


    "The story you are about to see is true… as far as I know.”

    Very accurate and clever way to show how our memories can change significantly over the years. Especially if they're ones we don't want to completely remember.

    The Tale is a tough watch – Jennifer Fox should be commended. Not only for her ability to retell such a painful story, but her honesty in admitting even now, she's not 100% sure of the 'true' story, suggesting she's repressed such memories multiple times over the years.