Suspiria ★★★½

The original will always have a place in my heart, so I was skeptical of Luca's version.

But it's not a version, it's a complete retelling with tenuous links and for that I was grateful.

Luca creates something visceral, savage and even manages to throw in a closer look at the relationship between women – mothers and daughters in particular.

It purposely doesn't have the same aesthetics as the original, instead focusing more on characters and the art of dance itself.

Yes it's a little overdrawn in places and ventures into confusion at times (but part of the beauty of Suspiria is being unaware until the final moments).

What struck me the most was Luca's ability to create something as beautiful and delicate as CMBYN, then switch it completely to try his hand at retelling an unsettling classic – something he manages to do competently.

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