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  • When Harry Met Sally...

    When Harry Met Sally...


    I enjoyed this quite a bit and thought it was sooo well done for a romcom, the likes that we probably wouldn't see today. 

    The dialogue for just the causal conservations between characters was extremely well written. The writer was able to capture how real people talk and act, while the directors/actors were able to execute altogether and bring it to life. 

    A little bit of older gender norms, that were in some ways broken and some ways reinforced throughout…

  • A Tale of Two Sisters

    A Tale of Two Sisters


    I admire this film in general for how many layers it had to it... normally I'm good at making predictions or guessing twists, but not this time. It seemed to go one or two steps past my expectations for it. 

    The film was extremely good at building suspense and keeping me tuned in. I see why America tries so hard to remake these films, because they just seem to have a sort of element that is elusive to our style…

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  • I See You

    I See You


    Another cool movie of this genre with a different plot progression than most ! Though, I kinda wish we got more of the impact on the family once more at the end bc I was curious. 

    The beginning didn't really catch my attention, I felt it moved a little slow, but things became really interesting when it got into the second story. 

    I think people lurking in your home unknowingly is like TERRIFYING.. so it was cool that it showed…

  • The Ring

    The Ring


    I've been disappointed because a lot of horror movies that I've been watching haven't left me feeling spooked, but with this one there were definitely moments where I felt super uneasy. 

    Like when the video played for the first time, I immediately regretted watching this flick alone. 

    SO 'The Ring' managed to keep that eerie horror vibe I've been missing throughout the entire film. On top of that, this really was just a well written mystery and I enjoyed putting…