Certain Women ★★★★

The greatness of the third section elevates (and is elevated further by) the previous two, but I could have watched hours of that last part alone. Lily Gladstone's face...my god...I was completely lost in every minuscule movement. I enjoyed all of this film but the latter half on the ranch and in the diner is where I found my special place.

I know it's trite to refer to a film as "about the little moments" but Certain Women is composed entirely of those, and through them is able to convey so much. All Kelly Reichardt's films that I've seen work in the same way; beneath every moment in Old Joy was a deeper, subconscious emotional resonance, Meek's Cutoff was decidedly less accessible but still was clearly keeping a great deal below the surface, and this here is another film you can just let yourself sink into and reap all its rewards. Its human focus makes it all the more warm and inviting, and I was content to simply drift along with its gentle grace without fear of missing what Reichardt was trying to say to me. The images and sound speak for themselves, emotionally speaking anyway.

It's not without its moments of pain and sorrow, but I found this to be an incredibly calming experience. Such serene landscapes, and this also happens to be the first film I've seen with my new pair of noise-cancelling headphones and the result was astounding - I don't know if the sound in this film is especially good but viewing it this way was like giving my ears a warm bath. The silences are never empty, instead they're like a soft blanket draped over you.

There's also plenty of room for this to grow on me even more which I am happy about! It's nice to know you might one day love a film even more than you do now.

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