Southland Tales ★★★★

Porn, llamas shitting, giant toilet, "cockfucker", taser to the balls, gorging on cheetos, Deepthroat 2, drugs, vomit, "there'd be a lot less violence in the world if everyone just did more cardio. Hey is that a bazooka?", the Rock and Timberlake and Bush, it's America, it's like nothing else, so ugly, antagonistic and juvenile and hollow and yet so pure, utterly hilarious and ambitious and unique, stimulating and exhausting, "the stuff they can do with digital technology now!", extortion, racism, corruption, misogyny, "destroy capitalism, dethrone God", death by ice cream truck, WW3, MegaZeppelin, quantum entanglement, time travel, "friendly fire", stars and stripes forever.

They don't call it vulgar for nothing.

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