The Mission

The Mission ★★★½

I'm almost definitely underrating this, when it gets into gear in such godly sequences as the mall shootout or a couple of the clandestine gatherings it sings, yet I must admit I was only intermittently interested. There is a lot going on, plenty of boys to keep track of with different relationships and shifting loyalties, but the loose and shaggy vibe of it tricked me into forgetting to pay attention, leading to some diminishing returns for me once actual plot things start to happen.

As far as just getting a fix of HK action of the triad variety, this is an undiluted hit right to the veins. I can see how one might find this to be a masterpiece if you're really paying attention to the orchestration of it all, but personally I found it supremely enjoyable principally as the kind of film I would stumble across on SBS at 1am in a sleep-deprived stupor and remember fragments of for years to come. I'm really still a newbie to all this Honk Kong gangster film business and truthfully the novelty of everything to these fresh eyes probably still clouds my judgement, for better or worse.

I will add that I thought the cheesy theme tune to this was utter shit but it's so stupidly catchy and repeated so many damn times that it pummelled me into submission and I love it now.

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