infernal cinematic nightmare of fear 
and anxiety directed by takashi miike

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  • Starcrash


    Joe Spinell has an evil goatee, wears a red velvet cape in space and Caroline Munro beats people up wearing a black leather bikini so this is my favorite Star Wars movie now.

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Sometimes all you need is to spend the night drinking J&B straight from the bottle and watch beautiful creatures fuck some shit up.

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  • The Devil Rides Out

    The Devil Rides Out


    I need Christopher Lee back so he can hypnotize me and free my mind from all pain and anxiety.

  • Deep Red

    Deep Red


    One night a long time ago, my mom and aunt went out for a walk and accidentally stumbled upon the Profondo Rosso set (while they were shooting a certain scene with the psychic). Mom told me they didn’t know that at first, it was very dark and actually got scared. When they realized what was actually happening, she said “whew it’s only Dario Argento”– because apparently it was very normal to see him around. I’ve always loved this story so much. I love that many years later she showed me this movie for the first time and I still love it dearly to this day.

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  • Scream



    Wes Craven is the man who made me fall in love with the horror/slasher genre.

    Dream in peace Wes and thank you.

  • Cemetery Man

    Cemetery Man


    Imagine having sex in a cemetery
    on your husband’s grave 
    during a full moon
    ignis fatuus floating around
    and your undead husband arises and bites you

    romance 🖤