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  • Pride



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Scavenger Hunt #59: a movie that makes you happy (27)

    You know what, I'm upping the rating to five stars and putting this among my all-time favourites, for no other reason than it truly does make me so damn happy. On the surface, this seems like an absolute make-believe fairytale, but there has to be some truth behind these events and that just fills me with hope and joy. This review won't make much sense unless you're familiar with the…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Scavenger Hunt #59: a movie that is the reason you watch movies (29)

    "No one will forget Jo March."

    Oomph, okay, seen this twice in one week and I can properly review it now. I have to say that I've read so much on this movie: on Greta's writing process, on her directing process, on how the actors approached the characters, on costumes, on the setting, on everything. I've never been so familiar with the making of any film before,…

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  • Hanna



    Scavenger Hunt #59: a movie that doesn't feature any romantic storyline (14)

    So who has the custody on Saoirse now? Wright? Anderson? Gerwig? Anyway, I can't believe no one told me Saoirse kisses a girl in this one. I'm hoping to watch the rest of her backlist in 2020, we'll see how that goes. At this point, I truly am convinced this girl can do anything and tackle any role.

    The start of the film is confusing if you hadn't…

  • Caravaggio



    Scavenger Hunt #59: a movie featuring work (directing, acting, costume design, anything goes) from someone we lost to AIDS or related illness. --> directed by Derek Jarman (3)

    Nope. Historical accuracy, whomst? When you forego all historical accuracy but decide to keep the bad teeth. Okay.
    I wouldn't really care much for that if the plot and acting and just anything would be intriguing enough, but I was bored and confused for the 90% of this movie. Characters are introduced,…

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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Scavenger Hunt #59: a movie that makes you happy (27, a re-watch)

    "I wish I could live through something."

    It's always harder for me to review movies that I love and that mean something to me. Idk why that's so. Lady Bird is that movie that I wish I could've seen when I was a teenager. I would love it so much. I would relate to it so much.

    This movie has so many iconic lines and it lets teenagers…

  • Buffaloed



    Scavenger Hunt #59: any movie directed by a woman (replaced 21)

    I might be a little bit biased because I adore Zoey Deutch, and I think she's just the cutest, but... holy shit, I really loved this? This is the type of a movie she excels at, and she absolutely rocks as Peg Dahl, a money-starved-former-convict-sassy debt collector. Who would've thought that debt collecting could be this interesting? This movie is fun and funny, entertaining, full of charisma, and there's not a dull moment in it.