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  • Daddy Day Care

    Daddy Day Care


    I sort of have a vague recollection of kinda liking this movie when it first came out. Rewatching it... it's not bad but it's not really good either. It is a little heartwarming, a little funny, and a big old helping of blandness.

    Stuff I like: Eddie Murphy is okay in this. I find the quality of his movies vary wildly and in this one he's just fine. Steve Zahn is kinda funny. The kids I think are the main…

  • The Happytime Murders

    The Happytime Murders


    I had heard really bad things about this and I actually was hoping that it would be funny bad, but instead... I feel more confused than anything. I didn't really hate this, but I definitely didn't like it.

    Let's get the positives out of the way. I think the concept is alright. A gritty crime movie with muppets in it could be funny if the writing was really good. I like some of the cast members. I laughed 3 times.…

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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    This seems like a decent enough movie, but I wasn't a fan.

    To start with the positives, I liked the cinematography and the set design and all that fun stuff. It definitely feels like a cool space future. I liked Katherine Waterston and the character she played. I liked Michael Fassbender and thought he was pretty good, though not sure I understand all the praise that he gets for this performance. I actually really liked Danny McBride in this movie…

  • Logan



    I don't actually know how to feel about this movie.

    There are a lot of things this movie did right. The darker tone worked really well for this type of story. The soundtrack was incredible and really punctuated the mood well. It reached above normal comic book movies with the "Shane" references/parallels and the "Old Man and the Sea" parallels. It emotionally grabbed me during a few scenes and the whole movie I kept asking these questions that made me…