The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Just like the first one, this is a masterpiece of filmmaking. A sequel and a prequel to The Godfather, it blends both storylines so well together through themes, violence, and epic storytelling. I enjoy the Vito Corleone storyline a bit more out of the two, but it’s only by a slim amount. I love me a good revenge tale and it’s one of the classics. De Niro is absolutely magnetic as a young Vito, and does a great job of imitating Brando and bringing his own charms to the movie. And in my humble opinion, this movie is Pacino’s best acting to date, with countless memorable scenes that are just so iconic. It’s a grand story and Coppola is a great director. I can’t wait to watch Part III for the first time next Sunday.

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