Blindspotting ★★★★★

“the difference between me and you is... i ain’t no killer. i ain’t no killer.” 

well holy shit, where do i even begin? this is by far one of the best and most powerful films i’ve ever seen. as i’m typing this, it’s been a day since i watched it and i’m still reeling from its absolute brilliance. it’s an incredible piece of work from start to finish and blends both comedy and drama so effortlessly, making it both heavy and humorous. daveed diggs and rafael casal gave two very different yet equally dynamic performances and are both so incredibly talented at what they do (these dudes wrote the actual screenplay too like are u kidding me???) so i can only hope that they’ll work on more amazing films together in the future. carlos lópez estrada’s direction and robby baumgartner’s cinematography were also phenomenal and utterly breathtaking. 

this film gets its clever name from a psych term that one character uses to remember rubin’s vase — a famous black & white drawing that can either be perceived as a vase or two faces looking at each other, but both cannot be seen at the same time. just like this optical illusion, this film deals with perspectives and the idea that everyone has their “blind spots”. in other words, everyone is ignorant about something. it also explores mental health in an impressive way and shares an important message of empathy. on a slightly different note, it’s honestly crazy to think that a film of this caliber didn’t get a cinema release here or lots of buzz this awards season, but i’m glad that it’s at least getting the appreciation it deserves on here despite how criminally overlooked it is. 

also you can bet your bottom dollar that i’ll be watching it again very soon. a blindspotting (2018) warrior? yup that’s me!

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