Mommy ★★★★★

“loving people doesn’t save them.” 

oh man. he’s done it again folks. xavier dolan really made another masterpiece that absolutely blew my mind and left me in a state of awe. wow where do i even begin ????

first of all, i did not expect this to be as heavy and heartbreaking as it was, but at this point i should’ve figured that it would be since it’s xavier and he can write some pretty dark yet real stuff. nonetheless, i don’t think anything could’ve emotionally prepared me for the journey that this film would take me on. 

antoine-olivier pilon, anne dorval and suzanne clément all delivered performances that were out of this world and incredibly authentic. there were even moments where i almost forgot they were acting, that’s how convincing they all were. also, i loved anne and suzanne in i killed my mother so i’m really glad xavier casted them again for this film. you can really tell that he builds great relationships with certain actors just from the amount of times he works with them and i think that’s really cool. 

(so this is the part of the review where i go off about how xavier dolan is one of the greatest human beings and filmmakers to ever exist) no but really i cannot stress it enough, he’s just so brilliant at everything he does and i am genuinely so amazed by his mind and what he creates. i also really admire the way he pushes the boundaries of filmmaking. one way that he does this is through the symbolic shifts in the aspect ratio. they were so powerful and literally gave me the chills every time, especially during the iconic wonderwall scene, ooft. speaking of which, the soundtrack was everything!! 

i really feel that my love for xavier grows deeper with every film that i watch and i’m so glad that i started watching his work at this point in my life. there’s just something about his films being so raw and real that brings me so much comfort and that is one of the reasons why he’s recently become one of my favourite filmmakers. 

anyways, this film is really special and poignant and i definitely plan on watching it again sometime with my mum. ♡

up next, laurence anyways.

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