The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

“sometimes a lady likes to have some fun”

wild, wacky and simply wonderful. i was initially going to give this four and a half stars, but it’s been a couple days now since i watched it and i truly think it deserves five stars (and more). there is just so much to love about it <333

first of all, the STAR-STUDDED CAST !!! i can’t get over it i mean, olivia colman, emma stone, rachel weisz, nicholas hoult, joe alwyn, mark gatiss.... everyone brought something to their role that made them stand out, i was absolutely blown away by all of their performances, but i think olivia and nicholas were my favourites (no pun intended). second of all, the COMEDY !!! i was pleasantly surprised by how funny and clever the screenplay was and i’m a big fan of dark/british humour so it was right up my alley. also i love the fact that it was co-written by fellow aussie, tony mcnamara !! third of all, the CINEMATOGRAPHY !!! every shot was literally perfect and so smooth and i loved the use of the fisheye lens, it was such a cool and creative decision. speaking of cool and creative decisions, i also love the fact that the story was split into chapters and (spoiler?) how every time a new title card would appear it would have a quote on it that would soon be repeated by a character in the scene it was introducing. 

also the COSTUMES! THE SET DESIGN! THE SCORE! they were all incredible and so were the rabbits, they stole my heart every time. 🐇 

yorgos lanthimos is one interesting human being who has created a true masterpiece and i definitely plan on watching it again. it’s one of my new favourite films and i highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet !! 

(also shout-out to the elderly couple who walked out of the theatre halfway through the film, they probably weren’t prepared for all the quality lesbian content)

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