This Is Where I Leave You ★★★★½

“i’ve been chasing this idea about a perfect life, but life is unpredictable and irrational and complicated and i want a complicated life.” 

i knew this was going to be a good film the moment i found out that two of my favourite actors (adam driver and jason bateman) were playing alongside each other as brothers, but i did not expect to love it this much overall. this is where i leave you is a truly wonderful and tearjerking dysfunctional family drama with the perfect amount of comedy and heart from its amazingly talented ensemble cast. i can definitely see myself watching it again. 

also i loved those moments between judd and phillip where they would do the forehead thing that they said their father used to do with them. my grandpa on my mum’s side (who has now passed) actually used to do the same exact thing with me so seeing it on screen made me feel all warm and happy inside. it’s the little things like that that make the film so special.❣️

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