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  • Heart String Marionette

    Heart String Marionette


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    Heart String Marionette

    Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

    Having been heavily influenced by Noh, a form of Japanese theatre, while creating this movie, YouTuber M Dot Strange creates a narrative this is less about absolute cohesion and more about the emotions of the characters and how they have to deal with having to live in a cruel, hellish world. While some might dismiss it as nothing more than an overblown mess made by an edge-lord, Heart String Marionette is…

  • Immortal



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    Immortal (ad vitam)

    I had went into this hoping to discover some kind of underrated dystopian cyberpunk movie embedded with Egyptian mythology while showing off some cool visuals.
    I went into this movie expecting it to leave me with a feeling of awestruck wonder. But instead the only feeling I was left with was utter confusion.

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  • Everyone's Hero

    Everyone's Hero

    Shenyongo's Movie Reviews
    Everyone's Hero


    Thin plot that is boring, cliche, and feels like it was designed with a checklist of what beats to hit rather than from a creative vision.

    The animation looks generic, cheap, and bland.

    Characters are either hilariously cliched, one-note, bland (in a "perfect goody two shoes vs the evil bad guy" way), and/or just flat out annoying + unfunny.

    YOU'RE OUT!!

  • Logan



    A bittersweet send off for Hugh Jackman's long role as Wolverine that infuses the western genre with the superhero genre into a film that arguably rivals The Dark Knight as one of the Best Superhero Films of all time.