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  • Interview with the Vampire

    Interview with the Vampire


    Shenyongo's Movie Quickies:
    Interview with the Vampire

    I was feeling kind of lonely at the moment.
    While watching this movie, I felt all the more lonely.
    This movie struck a cord with me in some form or another.
    I really love it when vampire movie explore the utter loneliness of an immortal life, wandering the world, unable to grow old or die.
    The lingering empty feeling when loved ones pass away.
    And the lingering empty feeling that would come with the life of a vampire.

  • Halloween



    Shenyongo's Movie Reviews:
    HALLOWEEN (2018)
    The direct sequel to Halloween (1978) - simply titled Halloween.

    Was ok I guess - just not all that scary.
    Was well-made on a technical level - but was kind of shallow overall.
    Was more tolerable than Halloween 4 and 5 - but that isn't saying much.
    Though there was a plot twist that was kind of just as dumb - but even worse it served no purpose other than to bring a character to…

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  • Everyone's Hero

    Everyone's Hero

    Shenyongo's Movie Reviews
    Everyone's Hero


    Thin plot that is boring, cliche, and feels like it was designed with a checklist of what beats to hit rather than from a creative vision.

    The animation looks generic, cheap, and bland.

    Characters are either hilariously cliched, one-note, bland (in a "perfect goody two shoes vs the evil bad guy" way), and/or just flat out annoying + unfunny.

    YOU'RE OUT!!

  • Logan



    A bittersweet send off for Hugh Jackman's long role as Wolverine that infuses the western genre with the superhero genre into a film that arguably rivals The Dark Knight as one of the Best Superhero Films of all time.