Aladdin ★½

Numan Acar should’ve been cast as Jafar.

the good?

- I actually liked the stage show aesthetic Ritchie was going for!
- the costumes were colourful and nice to look at. Especially Jasmine’s dresses, UGH they were sparkly and so so pretty. round of applause for the costume designer. 
- cinematically, it was awesome. I got a lot of goosebumps in certain sequences
- I liked the Genies ending. very cute.

the ugly.

- could the cave of wonders be anymore dull?
- Jafar.... genie..... my eyes.....
- Jafar should’ve been old and had a deep intimidating voice that made me terrified for our protagonists but he really just felt like a wannabe cosplayer 
- they went for a hot Jafar and he wasn’t even HOT. his acting is laughably bad and honestly just cringe worthy
- Guy Ritchie, this isn’t Sherlock please stop speeding things up and the slow motion was unecessary 
- stop cashing in on nostalgia, Disney.
- watch the original 
- please don’t do this to Hercules 
- please stop


- sending all my love to Naomi Scott
- what was the point of this movie if I didn’t leave the theatre thirsting over Jafar?? WHAT WAS THE POINT??

Jafar is one of my favourite villains next to Hades, why did they do my man so dirty. 


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