Rocketman ★★★★½

The fact that I watched this on the first day of pride month alongside a friend of mine that’s super special to me and I’ve been close with for around 5 years now, screams a memory I’ll have forever and gay RIGHTS BABEY!!

Aside from the dazzling visuals and the glitzy and glamorous aesthetic of a Broadway musical, Rocketman went extremely up close and personal into Elton John's life. this made the film feel grounded and raw while keeping the attention of the audience with its captivating fantasy elements and hella fun musical numbers (that you cannot stop yourself from lip-syncing and dancing in your seat too).

Who knew that you could do a biopic without all of the clichés that others fall into!? I have to be honest, the ending initially felt unsatisfying, but after a day to ponder on it, it was honestly the best they could’ve given him. Elton had finally detached himself from his past traumas and was ready to move on.

One thing that pissed me off though? The promotion that the media did. they constantly tried to make headlines and draw attention specifically on the love scene that Taron had with Richard. It felt more like fetishising than appreciating how far the mainstream film industry has come with accepting uncensored homosexuality (I mean HELLO?? it’s THE first major Hollywood production to show a gay male sex scene on-screen).

Y’all really wanna know what the sex scene was like? It was simple, sweet, intimate, it didn’t drag on and you know DAMN WELL it was hot as fuck. It was a scene that was crucial to his story because it was Elton losing his virginity to a man he loved. The best part? Finding out that Elton is a top and that I got to jam along to ‘Take Me To The Pilot’ as everything was going down.

Overall, Rocketman is a roller coaster of sparkling sensations that moves you through every emotion the human body can experience in 121 minutes. This film is truly a treasure and Taron deserves every bit of praise that he’s receiving.

The visuals were hypnotising, Dexter Fletcher really experimented and pushed boundaries to mesmerise and entertain the audience in a way that biopics haven’t done before, I respect him immensely for that.  

Also Taron Egerton's thighs. My god does that man have the chunkiest thighs I’ve ever fucking seen Jesus Christ.

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