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  • Walkabout



    35mm, Egyptian Theater, Roeg double feature. The best part about the experience was the conversation between cinematographer Anthony Richmond and Bernard Rose at intermission. I loved everything they said; “using sound as montage rather than dialogue” stuck with me  (if anyone out there has a video of the Q&A please let me know). But without a doubt the best part was when Rose said, in regards to the film: “The most interesting thing to me about this movie is how…

  • La Notte

    La Notte


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "One question I am often asked is why the women in my films are more lucid than the men. I was raised among women: my mother, my aunt, and lots of cousins. Then I got married, and my wife had five sisters. I have always lived among women; I know them very well . . . Speaking for myself, I find that the feminine sensibility is a far more precise filter than any other to express what I have to…

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  • Everybody Wants Some!!

    Everybody Wants Some!!

    regretted i was in the theatre within the first minute. nope

  • Mirror



    "Generally people’s memories are precious to them. It is no accident that they are coloured by poetry. The most beautiful memories are those of childhood. Of course memory has to be worked upon before it can become the basis of an artistic reconstruction of the past; and here it is important not to lose the particular emotional atmosphere without which a memory evoked in every detail merely gives rise to a bitter feeling of disappointment. There’s an enormous difference, after…