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  • House







  • Godzilla



    Part of the Godzilla Ranking Project.

    Over 50 years later and still holds up like a sonofabitch. Terrifying, awe inspiring, gut wrenching, haunting. I mean, holy shit, the mother holding her three kids as Godzilla closes in close by telling not to worry, they'll be with their dad soon. The palpable fear. The terror of Godzilla AND the atom bomb. The evacuation scenes.


    That theme music.

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  • For a Few Dollars More

    For a Few Dollars More


    I don’t really remember seeing this movie well when I saw it last some decade ago and boy I must have been tired or something because I won’t forget this movie for the rest of my life now. A searing and electric tale of pain, revenge, and really cool gunfights. Leone, Morricone, and Eastwood (and Van Cleef, fantastic here feels like he’s been around for years) are warmed up after their first film here and firing on all cylinders here…

  • A Fistful of Dollars

    A Fistful of Dollars


    I mean if you’re gonna rip off someone, may as well be the best right? That being said - calling this film a rip off is doing a great disservice. Yeah the plot gets lifted straight from Yojimbo but in lesser hands it really would have been a rip off. But Leone’s distinctive style, Eastwood’s iconic performance - hard staring and cool as hell - and Morricone’s mythic score; they all combined to make something more than the some of its…

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  • RoboCop



    Ah, savage satire and extreme action violence. My two favourite things together at last! I always wanted to watch this since I was a kid (and wanted the toys too) but somehow never managed it thanks to my responsible parents. Maybe it was worth the wait though to see the director’s cut on lovely Arrow Bluray. Hell yeah.  Transcendent.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    Rise of Skywalker is a tough one to review. It's not as tight or as perfectly crafted (both on a technical and thematic level) as The Last Jedi, nor does it has the sheer exuberance and energy of The Force Awakens. It is however, better than the latter because it does go some what different to its OT equivalent, and I believe less engaged in retreading old ground that that entry, despite what some may think. Yes J.J. Abrams has…