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  • Days of Being Wild

    Days of Being Wild


    Days of Being Wild is the Wong Kar Wai film that first pairs him with the McCartney to his Lennon - cinematographer Christopher Doyle - and it shows instantly how well matched the two are. Following the misspent and tragic relationships of the Hong Kong youth in the 60s and featuring a bevy of all-star Hong Kong talent Days of Being Wild is the first film to bear all of WKW's signature style and narrative. Almost dreamlike with heartbreaking shots…

  • Spooky Encounters

    Spooky Encounters


    Watched with friends on a belated Halloween celebration (I live in Australia, sue me). Funny as heck, Sammo is charismatic as hell, and the choreography is amazing. The low stakes plot is genius.

    Ends with Taoist monks shooting flames at each other in an ultimate high ground reference, and that out of this world final punch. Best enjoyed with friends who are in the mood for something a little extra.

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  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    If Judi Dench can get an Oscar for 15 minutes of Shakespeare in Love can we give Michelle Yeoh one for this movie (especially that opening prologue)?


    Effervescent, effortlessly fun, engaging, and indeed Asian, Crazy Rich Asians feels like not only a breath of fresh air to the relatively stale (and seemingly rare) cinema released romantic comedy, but to blockbuster screens in general.

    Our story follows Racheal Chu (Constance Wu) a Chinese-American NYU Encnomics professor who when returning to…

  • Godzilla



    Part of the Godzilla Ranking Project.

    Over 50 years later and still holds up like a sonofabitch. Terrifying, awe inspiring, gut wrenching, haunting. I mean, holy shit, the mother holding her three kids as Godzilla closes in close by telling not to worry, they'll be with their dad soon. The palpable fear. The terror of Godzilla AND the atom bomb. The evacuation scenes.


    That theme music.