SPL: Kill Zone

SPL: Kill Zone ★★★★½

“It’s all about fate. No exception for father or daughter.”

Terrible fathers kicking ass the movie; glad I got glasses since I watched this as it seems I somehow really underrated it. Donnie Yen is great as Hong Kong’s most fashionable cop (it is really hilarious how whet one is wearing suits and he’s got his leather jacket and very open shirt). Simon Yam is in top Simon Yam mode as a good bad cop who’s on a countdown for both his job and his life trying to nail Sammo Hung’s big bad gangster (and boy is he big and boy is he bad and how does he still fight like that and what a hair style).

Director Wilson Yip plays everything to its melodramatic hilt, superior serious but never ever dull, and it makes it all grander and larger then life (that soundtrack). That’s to say nothing of the bone shattering fights, and the end climax between Yen and Hung is really one of the all timers (and the bits with young Wu Jing are pretty naff too). It’s grand martial arts heroic bloodshed opera in 90 minutes. 

For a movie that gets its name about 3 stars that can line up and change and direct your life to either terrible or great fortune the audience is like we got the 3 stars on screen here guiding us to good. Sadly not the same can be said for the characters we watch who fight vainly against what fate has determined for them, to no avail.

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