Annette ★★★★

So may we start?

A lot of blending shots going on with the editing at the start, its cool and such a great way to start a film with breaking the norm. I think the Sparks brothers have a cameo too. It’s always moving and never boring for the most part. I felt the film started off quite strong and never managed to surpass that, it stays at just good throughout. It’s a well made film but for a 2 hour 20 musical I thought it would of wowed me more with the musical sequences (which is practically the whole film) all of the songs with Marion Cotillard (along with the ending) I felt were the weakest parts, it gets more exciting and energetic when Driver is back on screen. I felt this harmed the film and the first half of the film might be stronger, as it really is Adam Driver vs Marion Cotillard; due to this I saw parallels to La La Land (dreamlike, two famous artists clashing in a relationship) and A Star Is Born (as the singer rises, her partner falls out of his craft) 

Adam Driver what a performance, much like Robert Pattison, he always picks interesting and different films. Marion Cotillard gives a good performance but Adam Driver steals the show, he’s the one driving this vehicle, I felt he got given the better songs and scenes too. He does indeed perform a song during sex. Foot fetish fans will be pleased as there’s a foot moment. There’s a lot of great long takes during the musical sequences. Really good music it’s fun, catchy and has a variety of tracks. I did feel the runtime of the film with pacing issues, I think the point is it’s supposed to be a messy, chaotic, dreamy experience since its protagonist are celebrities. 

It only really had two songs that I liked; so may we start and what the fuck is your problem. That’s not to say the rest of the songs are bad, those are the ones I liked the most. Production design is strong, the film is always on the move and you’ll never know what room or environment the characters end up in, it’s very colourful looking. It reminds me of the theatre, it felt theatrical with its sets. It really is more like music than a narrative focused feature film. It’s a sung through musical which follows a journey of moods cinematically; very much like a song. It’s an experience. It’s a dream and you can tell theres a clear vision from the artist. The opening scene I was convinced this would be a 10 for me but then the film dropped the ball. It’s odd to say because the performances, the soundtrack and all of the technical aspects are really good. This won’t be for everyone, if you’re not a musical fan then you definitely shouldn’t watch it. 

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Fun fact: There is a credit scene.

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