Little Women

Little Women ★★★★★

I want to be great or nothing- Florence Pugh 

From the moment I watched Lady Bird, I knew Greta Gerwig would be a name to remember, I didn't love or hate it, neither could I relate to the film but I did, however, love Beanie and Saoirse's performances and the cinematography.

I loved the rawness of Lady Bird and that it was a film where the scenes could breathe, Greta ups herself with Little Women, her second film she has delivered a masterpiece from the camera work, pacing, the film never slowed down for me and you can tell everyone had a blast making this film, it had so much heart and warmth put into it

Florence steals the show and again another incredible, strong, believable performance with every line, every line she has hit with meaning plus playing a 13-year-old without it being cringe was very impressive, Saorise also upped her game with this performance and the chemistry between all the sisters, little disappointed that Emma Watson didn't have much dialogue but with what she had, she was graceful

The soundtrack for this film is so lovely and rememberable, it has great humour and perfectly balanced of moods, the editing oh my is incredible (which I've hardly seen anyone mention in reviews) I think this is one of the best-edited films I've ever truly seen, purely impressive from how the film jumps at different points to show each sister meeting Timothee Chamelet's character Laurie to eventually jump to where the relationships are now with said character, easy to watch and not confusing, again great editing throughout but particularly with all of the subplots

Everything is taken with such care from costumes to lighting to avant-garde to small moments, this is most likely the best adaption of the book and a film that will get better the more you watch it, I went in blind and I came out very impressed, I again didn't relate to it but I loved all of it and on a film making scale I was impressed, I think this is my favorite period film, it reminds me of the way Marriage Story is, it's essentially a play but a film, it's very well blocked and specific for the camera movements I noticed (maybe Greta and Noah were sharing notes haha)

Cannot wait to see what Greta makes next, I'll be there opening day

Fun fact: Emma Stone was supposed to play Emma Watsons part but dropped out

in La La Land Emma Watson was supposed to play Emma Stones part but dropped out

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