High Hopes

High Hopes ★★★★★

Ok I'm done crying about how much I love Shirley.
This movie hit me like a ton of bricks and I cried for the entire last 20 minutes of it. Whether that was due to the amount of THC I had consumed or because of other more personal and abstract reasons, who's to say?

I have been in a very dark place lately. Not only due to the election and other post-election events, but it hasn't helped. I've also come to the unhappy realization that I'm an adult with very little safety net, and very little hope that my economic status and living situation will change any time soon, if ever. Many of us who have very little believe that one day things will change for the better. An opportunity will come or our hard work will pay off. Many of you who have more than enough likely believe that hard work is enough to get out of poverty or near-poverty. I never truly believed that one day I would be in my mid 30s and find that I don't have anything, and that maybe it's time to let go of any dreams for a better future. Maybe it's time to accept that this reality may not change, or may, in fact, get worse. It's really sad and scary.

High Hopes isn't necessarily about that, but it brought up a lot of these feelings for me. The class divide feels very familiar. Disappointment and worry feel very familiar.
Shirley exemplifies what I would like to be in the face of it all. She's honest, self-assured, kind, generous. She finds humor in the darkness. I love her. She still has hope.
Her relationship with Cyril reminded me in certain ways of my marriage. That corny cliche of not needing anything but each other- it's a sweet idea until you actually don't have anything but each other. For Cyril and Shirley it proves to be true. It does for us too.

I really loved this movie. I'm going to watch it again.