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  • Weapons of Death

    Weapons of Death


    Action oriented Mario Caiano Euro-crime with Leonard Mann and Henry Silva that treads familiar ground but is fast-paced, entertaining and features some great mannequin deaths.

  • Alraune



    Arthur Maria Rabenalt noir with a slight dash of sci-fi as sour professor Erich von Stroheim creates the perfect femme fatale in Hildegard Knef by artificial insemination of a prostitute with the mandrake root from a hanged murderer. The minor sci-fi element is just a pretext to explain why the lead character is just so gosh-darned evil as the film is basically a melodramatic noir with Knef's character as the catalyst in manipulating men and poisoning relationships wherever she goes. The film is beautifully photographed with some nice expressionistic imagery from time to time, but basically a glossy soap opera at its core.

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  • Berberian Sound Studio

    Berberian Sound Studio


    If Barton Fink was a sound engineer...

  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    Perfectly paced, great costumes and awesome atmosphere thanks in large part to the Barry Devorzon synth score. No matter how many times I watch, it never gets old.