The Starling

The Starling ★★

Unproduced screenplays are a thing in Hollywood. In fact, there is an entire body dedicated to those that don’t see the light of the day, until someone, somewhere decides to get a crack at it. This industry body known as the Black List has been responsible for some incredible films that have often been lauded with top honors. Films like Whiplash and Manchester by the Sea are two films that would have been in shreds if the Black List didn’t decide to produce them.

The Black List, however, is also responsible for some of the more cumbersome and ill-conceived ideas that feel great on-page but end up in absolute ruins when someone turns them over to saccharine doses. The Starling definitely belongs to the second category. It is a film that feels excellent on paper. It even bags in on getting the casting right. But, everything else just feeds odd, misplaced, and a messy mixture of goodies that taste sour.