The Survivalist

The Survivalist ★★★½

Consider if Mad Max was a drama that featured a picture perfect, clean shaved, razor-sharp survivalist with a harmonica instead of a doof-warrior with a flaming guitar. Instead of trucks, cars & all the shenanigans there were sexual desires for the memorabilia & only two shells that could favor the one who wishes to get saved.

Three people can never be two, and two people can never be one. For something that is about the descend into the end of civilization, Stephen Fingleton’s tale of survival has a very powerful, at times haunting, message of trust and loyalty.

The Survivalist uses it's silence to speak volumes about what needs to be kept at bay, and what should be kept locked in the closet. Fingleton makes looking at a graph of the end of times - scary. His stark look into a place where poison & traps are something out of a creature in a dilemma is painful.

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