Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs ★★★★

My first Tarantino film IS the first Tarantino film! How appropriate.

Anyway, Reservoir Dogs is the directorial debut of one of the most famous directors out there - Quentin Tarantino. It tells the story of a bank heist gone wrong, backwards - I mean, the film starts after the bank heist, and we follow the characters as they try to understand what really happened, thinking that some team member sold them out. We learn what happend and about each character through flashbacks and dialogue, mainly.

So, gotta tell ya, I get why this film is so iconic. This film is pretty fast-paced, so it just grabs you in and throws you from one iconic scene to another. The dialogue is so natural, and its flow is truly great. Each main character is so well-written too, and memorable in its own unique way. The acting is mostly solid - Mr Orange, Mr Pink and Mr White are quite legendary acting-wise. Eddie is the only one whose acting fell a little short for me from time to time, but it was decent most of the film. I love the structure, too - it may sound weird on paper, but it works so incredibly well here.
The soundtrack is really on point as well, and I honestly think that this is one hell of a debut film.

I mean...damn, it's only his first film and it's that good! Definitely looking forward to watch more of his stuff.

Feeling an 8.9 on this one. Probably will grow on me with time, but that's for now. Highly recommended.

I think that the symbolism that each color had here (I mean, the names of the characters). Pretty cool, Tarantino. Pretty cool.