The Kid

The Kid ★★★★★

The original plan was for the whole family to watch a Christmas movie, any Christmas movie, but we'd seen them all, and no one could agree, comedy or pathos. Why not both? So I pulled out The Kid and only my wife and I had already seen it. I figured it was a lost cause, but everyone said OK. The short running time probably had something to do with it.
This is early on in Chaplin's career as writer-producer-director-music writer-guy who arranges the catering, etc., so it's all the more amazing that he could hit it out of the park while handling so many tasks.
Some critics complained that this one is good, but too sappy and sentimental. Aside from the tacked on ending, which is something that he avoided later on, I can't find any fault in this except some technical glitches that shouldn't really be an issue anyway. Coogan's kid is still one of, if not the very best performance by a young child ever. I think he was 6 when it was filmed. Honestly, some of the funniest scenes are ones that combine the warmth of their relationship with physical or visual comedy. Maybe I'm just immune to the pathos argument because this was the first Chaplin movie I ever saw, and it started a life long appreciation of his work. The Criterion edition has the parts Chaplin cut out later, plus a good commentary and several other goodies to enjoy.

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