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This review may contain spoilers.

A plagiarising interpretation of love and identity, Love Exposure is one of the greatest movies ever made. The runtime and the concepts arent made for a blockbuster movie, but rather as an arthouse concept.

A girl plagued by her abusive father, turns all her attentions towards the destruction of men. A boy, wanting to please his love sicken father, who is also a priest, decides to start commiting various acts of sins. When both of these universally catastrophic youths come together, a tenacious recoil of mayhem and erections starts to unfold. The undesiring continuum of religious morality, combined with a few friends who share the same abnormality, the characters of this movie is condemned to hellish conflicts, both mentally and physically.

When the film ended, i had a question that seemed to disturb my indefinite mind, why does the last hour have such a striking similarity to the Evangelion franchise?
Answer:Hideoki Anno's non-pragmatist theories of the deconstruction of human mentality had a lasting and severe impression on me. So,while seeing any artforms that consititued the platforms of mental configuration, Evangelion would pop in my mind.

But Love Exposure doesnt condense the same ideas as Evangelion. It strikes us in a bent fury to provide insights of u conditional and repressive love, and how it could turn to madness. Both of the protagonists had suffered losses that manifests progressively in their actions. The sentiment of their peers seemed to hurt them less, but it never seemed to heal them.

Now, to the antagonists. What if a woman who was abused by her father, decides to chop of his genitals while he had a stroke? That would be either psychotic of very very sad. Well, i would prefer the first one. The antagonist, who performs the same deed as mentioned above, had been presented as the head of a religious cult which uses the mind to infect itself on its devotees, or rather pray on the weak. I could talk a lot about how it constitutes the weakening religious sensations of the modern world, or how badly women are treated with respect to the countless amount of harassment made by obstinate and repulsive men, but none of it would make sense. It would appear as if i was babbling on and on. So, in order to make sense of what i just wrote,