Women Reply ★★★

A marxist interpretation of gender politics through the medium of film. In context, a lot of the content expressed in this film probably had a lot of more cultural relevance than today, but even then it's depictions of the female sex is still radical and divisive (as it's meant to be). It seems like Varda took the Goddard approach and used film as a conduit to express her politics. That doesn't mean this film is void of some clever filmmaking. Her deconstruction of sex is accurately represented through her visuals and editing. Most of the film is shot on a soundstage,showcasing various women expressing their contempt of the maze gaze, and on a broader scale the society that seems to exploit their feminity.  The clever jump cuts between street interviews with women, and the soundstage scenes creates dissonance between  reality and fiction in where women are desired to be seen vs. the reality.