Always Be My Maybe ★½

Somewhere in between the umpteenth jabs at millennial "bimbo-ism" and poor on-screen chemistry is a romantic comedy about cultural identity, life purpose, and the necessity of growing up. Unfortunately, none of that is pieced together well in a film that is shot like a sitcom and written like one big gag. I can't see nor feel Marcus Kim and Sasha Tran because their priorities and needs are buried underneath the levels of banter and quirks. The unexplored traumas of absent parent figures, childhood mistakes, and familial obligation are relegated to cheap caricatures of stingy Asians, awkward small talk, and offhanded remarks, never once concerned with the existence of the other within a character's persona.

For a romance that is built on shared experiences, there is a noticeable lack of nostalgia between our two main characters when they got to rekindle that relationship. These characters are at different points in their lives but there was no cause to believe that they would fall back in love if that wasn't something explicitly there to begin with, other than a previous awkward hookup and the literal line, "You're, like, my best friend". Give us a reason to believe that they are necessary in each others' lives at this very moment.

Other than that, Keanu was great, so I guess you have to watch it now, regardless of what I just wrote.

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