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  • The Room

    The Room


    Was Tommy Wiseau lowkey trying to direct a 6 million dollar porno?

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    When you follow a giant like Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, you have big shoes to fill. The film was renowned around the world for its cinematography, cyberpunk-noir aesthetic, its 10/10 soundtrack created by the masterminds of Vangelis, and its breathtaking finale with Deckard and Roy atop the skyscraper. And nowadays, with sequels to fan favorites and classic movies being made left and right, many were skeptical about how 2049 would do the franchise justice.

    and holy hell did it deliver.…

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    Anderson does it again

    If you've watched enough of Wes Anderson's movies, you've come to expect certain things that will be in his movies: a fantastic cast of zany and incredulous characters (always managing to somehow fit in Adrian Brody, Owen Wilson, and Bill Murray) and a crazy yet thrilling adventure that the cast goes on, seeking some grand reward or spiritual enlightenment, what have you. The characters are always a joy to see in motion, he always manages to…

  • Bringing Out the Dead

    Bringing Out the Dead


    "You're gonna die, he's not gonna die. I swear to god, if you dont hold up his arm, I'm not gonna kill you"

    Bringing out the dead is an amazing piece on existentialism, something you probably wouldnt expect Nicholas Cage to play a part in. While its greatly exaggerated, Cage plays the role of a Medical responder, trying to save the city of New York from itself. People are shot or killed on a daily basis, cardiac arrests and drug…