Tenet ★★★★

I remember except some respect for The Dark Knight and some love for Prestige, I never got worm with Nolan and after The Dark Knight Rises, I was almost sure that it was my last film by Nolan. But than came Interstellar, one of the few great Science Fiction films fpr years and probably the first great space opera since 2001. TENET keeps at least what it promised. One thing for sure Nolans obsesseion with analog film pays off and it is worth to watch it in 70 millimetre on the big screen.It feels abit like Kubrick but much more between Hitchcock and the legendary Robert Aldrich classic KISS ME DEADLY. Since Interstellar (still my favorite Nolan) the director is less a control freak than a playful crazy cinephile director. He not only reminds us in the beauty of analog film but also in the meaningless discrimination of art and genre cinema.

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