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  • An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

    An Oversimplification of Her Beauty


    a 90 minutes film, that felt like 4 hours, and really run me over. this isn't meant in an offensive way though. Nances work is a straight out piece of art by shitting on pretty much all basic movie conventions.

    he mixes up everything from amateur footage to animation, from remixed editing to broken storytelling, from puppet animation to self-referential film material. it's overwhelming. it's a story that is told in such a fast pace, that it is nearly not…

  • The Brand New Testament

    The Brand New Testament


    the recipe for an arthouse success: put an intriguingly, slightly tabooish topic, that smeels like dark humour in the first place, and allows the viewer to come along with his - portioned and mannerly limited - political incorrectness. then turn the whole story around to a feelgood thing, including happy end, and make sure, that no one got harmed in the end.

    hell of a cynical construct. gonna get down in film history as one of the super successful flicks from the 2010s, that have no relevance whatsoever, except for the grossing at the box office back then. what a crap cake!

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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    this is okay as tale of the ambivalence of addiction and drugs, that found their way into daily life and deep into society. however it has quite some flaws in character design and screenplay, and just to name the biggest of them:
    why, in the name of bacchus, should 4 grown up men - 4 teachers for that matter, one of them even for psychology (!) - get the idea to drink over the 0,05 limit, "just for their scientifical…

  • Fear



    look, you could take this as an hilariously trashy cheapshot thriller with a mind boggling screenplay, but wait, hear me out:

    1.) this is only readable as oedipal dilemma of father William Petersen - he's the actual protagonist here, this is his story. in his total control mania of daughter Reese Witherspoon the drama of not being able to let go of her as object of desire is palpable. Mark Wahlberg becomes his aggressive "It" part, that he can't get…

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  • Soul



    Pixar following their recent approach of Coco and Inside Out to tell a deeply existential tale about heavy topics such as the acceptance of death or the lack of motor to go through this mess called life, while popping cherry lollipops in style and entertaining a joie de vivre on the surface, and slowly bringing both together.

    it's a zest for life while not being in denial about all of its flaws. a serious endeavor which is nonetheless brimming over…

  • The Method

    The Method


    a bittersweet social portrait as sophisticated chamber play. a dead reckoning of our times - self-deprecation as modus operandi, the friendly smile of hate as ultimate gesture of affirmation. empty morals and bloated egos dictate the beat. a machine gun sharpened screenplay and dedicated acting make this a true gem.