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  • Asphalt



    a highlight of the expressionistic silent era of the weimarer republic, Asphalt foreshadows the Film Noir, and even some wild breed of Ingmar Bergman and Russ Meyer, if you're playful enough for that comparison.

    the feisty little quirk is powerfully pictorial, nearly iconoclastic so to say. mimic art, gestures, the wild camera, that captures berlins street life - everything works in favor for the vibrant tone of the movie. in all its friskiness about gender roles and psychoanalytic constructions (the drives vs superego... sounds like a super hero thing), it's open for a progressive or reactionary interpretation. a true beauty.

  • The 120 Days of Bottrop

    The 120 Days of Bottrop


    the truth is, the "neue deutsche film" was a miscarriage. maybe even a stillbirth. at least an abnorm monstrosity. so how to address a homage? by making a farce out of it.

    Schlingensief deprives, disenchants and castrates germanys underground cinema of the late 60ies to the end 80ies by hyperstylizing it into absolute and resolute absurdism. he manages to expose the eccentricity while finding the right tone for the chaos of german movie heritage - one, that was deliberately destroyed…

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  • Manhunter



    ahhhh, the sweet taste of michael manns 80ies machismo flannel chic cinema on a Sunday night.

  • Slither



    the beauty and the beast as tromaesque, splatteresque horror parody. Cronenberg light. pleasurable genre spoof.

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    arthouse porn and complete cliché fest. are we living in such cinematically desperate times, that just the pure existence of such an old-fashioned yet politically modernized storyline makes people raving about it?

  • Killing Me Softly

    Killing Me Softly


    a movie from 2002, that looks, feels and acts like one from the late 80ies/early 90ies. or maybe i'm just getting old.