Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco ★★★★

more Cruising than The Godfather. Johnny Depp is mimicking the Al Pacino of the 80s classic, losing his identity in the role he's playing. means also: Depp showing what method acting means, translated into a mafia plot still feeding of the genre classics of the 25 years before. Depp becomes so deeply connected to the material, he's drowning in his new character ("I can hardly breathe"). Pacino became the mysterious enigma in Cruising, Depp just affirms his new identity here. being a gangster was always the cooler thing, wasn't it?

funnily Pacino is part of the show (considering he was meant to play Depps part first makes total sense with the backstory), but has a completely different role here: a very sweet one indeed. the broken, old, fizzled out gangster who never made it to the top. not because he would be too smart (he isn't) or dumb (new boss Madsen is, just as anybody here), maybe just: because he has a heart too big for this game? Depp feels this and the father - son relationship is set into motion, the tragedy looming. brilliant stuff.

wouldn't have thought that a mafia movie could be so... crucial. *winksatpacino*

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