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  • The Magus

    The Magus


    I read the book while on holiday in Speses back in 1987.
    30 years later I watched this film.
    The book was great, the film goes off the rails halfway through.
    I’d recommend reading the book and avoiding the film!

  • Beyond the Darkness

    Beyond the Darkness


    This film is a remake of an earlier gallo 'The third eye'

    I've watched both films and the earlier one is much more intriguing and suspenseful but without the gore.

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  • Murder in Blue Light

    Murder in Blue Light


    I had two copies of this.
    One with English subs, but a murky print.
    The other clear and colourful but in Italian with no subs.
    The clear print was also trimmed nudity scenes.

    Overall I've seen worse and there are some interesting colourfully lit scenes which reminded me of the lighting of Cafe Flesh (1982).

    I'd watch this again if I had the the clean uncut print with English subs.

  • Obsession: A Taste for Fear

    Obsession: A Taste for Fear


    I usually don't expect much from 1980s gallo films and they usually live up to that expectation!

    I enjoyed this one though.
    It's visually striking and colourful.

    The fashion/photography/video angle is miles better than 'Fatal Frames'.

    It's quirky and will appeals if you're into the post-modern style aesthetic.

    It would make the perfect third film for an offbeat 80s triple bill with 'Liquid Sky' and 'Cafe Flesh'.

    The (low budget) attempts at making this futuristic are unusual.

    The car featured…