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  • Party Girl

    Party Girl


    An almost forbidden film. Feels like a poisoned MGM Musical with a bitter and brutal look inside the mob society. No wonder that Scorsese likes this film so much and I can't really understand the accusations against the film. Especially the mixture of MGM Choreo, Noir & Melodrama is boiling over some times, Cyd Charisse´s tight dresses and Taylor's black suits, two self-destructive bodies that find each other, reject each other and try to survive. It may be that Nicholas Ray…

  • The Lusty Men

    The Lusty Men


    "Broken Bones, Broken Bottles, Broken Everything."

    Nick Ray tells us the old story about women and men, money, power, greed, success. The acting here is so good, one can probably speak here of the zenith of the Nick Ray school. In addition, the film tells us of life and death in the arena, of the short minutes and seconds that mean either fame or fall. Even the beginning, when Jeff (Robert Mitchum) visits his parents' farm, frames the film as…

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  • The Assassin

    The Assassin


    The most beautiful lens flares, the most beautiful color palettes, the most fascinating use of aspect ratio, a score that keeps you deep into the mood of these pictures where the sadness is told in old stories from the past which lie like the veil of the curtains, blowin in the wind, on this film and the inner strife of our leading actress concludes to the fact that the film denies genre expectations, instead of a coherent flow, the film interleaves but shows another essential.

    Nature and time in itself in a full balanced film.

  • Seconds



    When i watched SECONDS for the first time, i was totally thrilled by the form of this kafkaesque nightmare which Frankenheimer shot 4 years after his evil Paranoia-Thriller THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and 2 years after another Film, that´s dealing with fear and paranoia at this time in States, SEVEN DAYS IN MAY.

    When you first come to the form of SECONDS, like many other, mostly european Films in the 60´s, it feels pretty wild. I wouldn´t say New Wave but…