On the Road ★★


It´s a Tourbook Film about the british Indie-Rock Band Wolf Alice.
The film is loosely told from the point of view of a young London Record-Label girl who goes with the band on tour through Ireland and the UK. She´s documenting the tour with photos and manages some radio interviews.
2 hours of semi documentary style but Winterbottom does not have any interresting ideas, neither cinematic nor narrative. Neither you get a real feeling for the band members, how they stand to each other, nor for the permanent trip on tour. There are always moments, especially to the end, where this flashes a bit out, but Winterbottom frightens any escalation in any form and so the whole thing meanders very boringly to itself. Even the live performances look just like the usual MTV recordings. Ok, the music is good and for fans of the band it´s worth a look.