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  • Canyon Passage

    Canyon Passage


    Somewhere at the end of this incredible picture there´s a dialogue line which goes "it´s a long path between good and evil". In between are the films of Jacques Tourneur and this is nothing more than a masterpiece of soft and silent nuances in glowing, gorgeous technicolor and with completely torn characters.

  • Railway Sleepers

    Railway Sleepers


    Usually it is not really a compliment for a film to say, that it makes you sleepy. In this case it is a compliment. Sompot Chidgasornpongse´s documentary about the railway system in Thailand is an almost trance like experience of a film that lulles the viewer as well as the passengers into sleep. It´s a fascinating view from the inside to the outside, where the direction is not always very clear. Nevertheless a trip, which is worthwhile.

  • In Harm's Way

    In Harm's Way


    Preminger´s 1965 epic is a highly underrated film. It´s specific not a common star-cast war epic with more melodrama than combat, that´s what i had read about it mostly. It´s a film about losses and how the personal Involvement, or better call it level, is constantly between the war engagement of those characters. It´s from the beginnig, where Kirk Douglas blonde wife dies in the flames of a carcrash, because the guy she was cheating him, wants get to the…

  • The Men

    The Men


    It´s a good method-acting film and Brando plays his "rebel in a wheelchair" role quite intensive, like it´s in every case a good actor film. But, like the scene where Teresa Wrights parents confront and question her marriage with Brando and she accuses her father to be rational and calculated, i have also my problems with it, because this is also a very calculated melodrama, which works in some scenes but like the other two Zinnemanns, i saw in the…

  • Verboten!



    Verboten! shows a rare subject in postwar-germany film. The story of the german woman who fells in love for an american soldier looks a bit different than in other films. Here we have a soldier who is so willing for love to become just a good husband, he would leave his american status behind, but it´s tricky, because it´s forbidden, like so much else is verboten here. It´s Fuller´s masterful straight to the point direction to show the contradiction, the struggle of this period and the people in this small story, which is not judging in any case, but confronts the viewer with a crystal-clear truthfulness.

  • The Lost Patrol

    The Lost Patrol


    John Ford makes the inner perception of his soldiers increasingly outward, just as this psychological intimate play is becoming more and more part of a grim existentialism. Very moving !

  • The Dawn Patrol

    The Dawn Patrol


    If you can say that at all, this is one of the perhaps most beautiful war movies ever made. 7 years before, it's Hawk's "le grande illusion" and this is mainly due to humanism, which is going through the film. A heartbreaking, ground-breaking film, in which i wondered myself at some point why Hawks didn´t shoot more war movies. The "Hawks balance" on all sides, from enemy to enemy, with a couple of drinks and "special messages" from the planes, from life to death in an ongoing wheel of profession. Yes, this is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

  • Dunkirk



    Christopher Nolan is breaking the 4th wall, like no other did before !

    At the beginning it seems to be a little strange to see inserts for 3 timelines, whose difference in the film does not matter at all because the film uses all possible means of overpowering to make them one. Dunkirk is a war film as pure concept. It´s a single retreat, thought from above, but still in the middle. Overwhelming cinema par excellence and who would have thought that Hans Zimmer just composed a Vangelis score !?

  • The Flame and the Arrow

    The Flame and the Arrow


    A mixture between the colorful Robin Hood from Curtiz and the artistic Crimson Pirate from Siodmak turns with Tourneurs Direction into something that has a light tone but not as expected. There is always a very subtle darkness and brutality in these gorgeous technicolor pictures, in which this class struggle becomes a very urgent, almost sexual note, which reminded me a bit of Mario Bava, but it´s also, of course, the Tourneur Touch.

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    It is nice to see how the film maintains it´s pleasant, unsophisticated way and plays it above all not calculated, but very naturally at it´s camp. What is for a superhero blockbuster not self-evident in these days. The film, in it´s mixture of pathos and comedy scenes, in it´s best moments, reminds of Donner's "Superman", especially when worlds are discovered here, but from a female side. More courage would have been nice in many respects, especially in the last act. Nevertheless: 1:0 for DC.

  • What Price Hollywood?

    What Price Hollywood?


    ....well, i should say that´s the UH kind of love for that film and especially for that handling of the melodramatic breakdown as low as the film or specific Cukor can.

  • Rebecca



    And somewhere in this film, i asked myself : "Is Joan Fontaine gettin smaller ? She almost disappears in these halls of Manderlay, where the past is written in every angle of the glorious setting."

    One day i love to see this in a double feature with Cukor's GASLIGHT again, of course in a theatre :)