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  • When Jews Were Funny

    When Jews Were Funny


    As a Goy it may not be my place to say so but damn I found WHEN JEWS WERE FUNNY to be insightful. I'm a huge fan of Jewish comedy, and this exploration of exactly what Jewish humour is, IF it is, and what it means makes for one hell of an existential documentary.

  • Bait



    With a soundscape & visual style unlike any other, BAIT tells of civil war between locals & tourists on the Cornish coast.

    I wish I cared more for the story itself. It didn't hook me. But what Mark Jenkin has accomplished is one of the great technical cinematic marvels.

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    I’m the first to admit that I can be a grump when it comes to the hype train ahead of certain movies. There is an almost imminent outpouring of adoration for many films the second a poster or trailer drops and I find it very tedious. The film hasn’t even had its world premiere yet but it already has a die hard fan base who have created memes and GIFs aplenty, doing their very best to wear me down and…

  • Arrival



    So much better and stronger than I thought this was going to be. As always, over exposure to marketing and trailers sours me on things. So waiting several years to watch this on a Friday night lockdown at home was definitely the right choice.

    There's beauty to this entire story. Not a pretentious one either, just a universally understood and identified with beauty. The past, present and future are all so important and are all connected to the choices we…