Man of Steel

Man of Steel ★★★★

This is actually pretty good..
I didn't think I would like it and the bad reviews comforted me in that idea.
First of all, I've never really watched a Zack Snyder movie before this so I am not used to his style and not even aware of how he makes films. I've got to say that I really enjoyed what he did with this. I loved the whole opening sequence, and the epic tone and seriousness of the flick.
It's visually different and I think it stands out in the superhero genre. Everything appears as holy and almost God-like. Superman has a great iconic feel in each of his scenes.
The score by Hans Zimmer is mind-blowing and raises the scale of every battle.
I also love how these super-powered beings are shown to us. They are too fast, too powerful, too strong for us to acknowledge and the camera work shows it perfectly.
It's a great start for the DCEU and now it's time to discover BVS for the first time..

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