Batman ★★★★

I decided to revisit this version of Batman after watching the latest trilogy. I remembered enjoying this "Batman" way back when. With all the hype lately regarding Nolan's films, (which I also enjoyed) I wanted to compare the entertainment factor. I was fairly certain that the older version would probably not hold up when compared to the new ultra budget, high tech versions.

Well....I have to admit that I still find this "Batman" to be just as entertaining in many ways; if not more so!
There was an outstanding cast! I thought that Keaton was (surprisingly) very good as Batman. What stands out even more is how great Jack Nicholson was as the Joker. I still respect the job that Heath ledger did with the part, but; I am now convinced that Nicholson was the best. He played the Joker the way the character was supposed to be....Insane, deranged and funny! When one of the best actors ever, obviously enjoys playing a part that much, we are treated to something special... "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?"
I also think this was by far one of Burton's best efforts.

In summary; I think that this film holds its own, compared to the new versions when it comes to entertainment value, and this one along with "Batman Begins" are my favorites.

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