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  • Jackass Number Two

    Jackass Number Two


    fin de cinéma

  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    Not so much a film as a checklist of over-used tropes in contemporary self-conciously artsy genre films, including (but not limited to):

    A super-saturated colour palette
    Lengthy (but blandly composed) tracking shots that call attention to their own duration
    An ultra-formulaic pulp plot, played completely straight
    Retro pop music cues, usually played to form an ironic counterpart to the on-screen violence
    Symmetrical framing
    Tableaux-like slow motion
    A synth-heavy electronic score
    A winking, self-reflexive throwaway acknowledgement of the project's own insularity…

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  • Film Socialisme

    Film Socialisme


    “The socialism of the film is the undermining of the idea of property, beginning with that of artworks"
    - Jean-Luc Godard

    “It’s impossible to dissociate sound from meaning”
    - Roman Jakobson, quoted in Film Socialisme

    In a time when sophisticated image-making technologies can now be carried around in an average person’s pocket, when the image has been democratized, Godard breaks down the traditional hierarchy between amateur and professionally helmed productions. This isn’t to say that Film Socialisme is an ugly…

  • Passion



    Critiques the current decade’s most popular forms of insubstantial, co-opted image-making with as much precision and spite as Body Double did for those of the 80s. The democratization of the image brought about by the HD camera has rendered the aesthetics of amateur porn, Apple commercials, internet prank videos, and blandly glossy cable dramas more or less interchangeable, and all are so easily available that it robs them of any kind of visceral illicit power they may once have held.…