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    God it's been 3 years since I last watched this, it still works!

    I am watching NOPE in about 5 hours so I thought I will watch this again and man I had fun.

    I know Get Out humor is superior to this but still the humor here works perfectly. Winston Duke was hilarious here. His body language, his facial expression and his dialogues were so witty and funny. It felt like seeing an alternate version of Peele.

    Lupita was…

  • The Prowler

    The Prowler



    First of all, Sorry to the gang for the late review, was caught up with a heap of work, will try to be punctual from now on 🤪


    Tom Savini’s practical effects were beautiful and great. Every slashing and blowing looked amazing.

    The final kill and certain revelations in the end were fun.

    Certain unintentional humor were hilarious.

    But other than that this was a painfully boring cliche Slasher movie with uninteresting characters, weak screenplay and zero…

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  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

    Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore


    I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I kind of have a soft spot anything from the Wizarding World. I enjoyed the first Fantastic Beasts film and I found the second one okay but this one was really good, to be honest this was easily the best one of the trilogy for me.

    The whole cast was amazing. Mads Mikkelsen was terrific as Grindelwald, he portrays the role with absolute screen command and ease. Jude Law was great as Dumbledore…

  • Ambulance



    This movie is completely insane.

    Jake Gyllenhaal can pull any kind role he gets offered. He had a blast with this role. He was loud, funny, smart and terrific here. Easily one of the best aspects of the movie. Yahya was really good as the guy who gets stuck in this mess willingly. He conveys the character's desperateness amazingly. Eiza Gonzalez was the soul of the movie, she was really good here. Her role was kinda difficult to pull off…