The Humans

The Humans ★★★★

Had no idea this was a Thanksgiving movie.

Another great movie from A24. The whole cast especially Steven Yuen is terrific here. They portray each of their roles to the best they can. This family and the events happening around them is so realistic, nothing seems staged. This is a regular middle class New York family who are united together for Thanksgiving. We get to know the characters from their dialogues, and they were written brilliantly. The screenplay was near perfect here, every moment has a meaning. This is a family who someone can meet on a daily basis, some happiness, some hardships, togetherness and yet a sadness lurking beneath it all. They overcome it or at least hope to overcome them, that's life right.

The direction was stunning and the production design of the house was masterful yet regular. There are some hilarious moments too. The ending might be an issue but this was a compelling watch. A well acted and written drama. If you prefer A24 movies or just a slice of actual life movies, you will enjoy it.

A solid 90% for me.

PS - This movie has one of the best Grace telling scenes ever. Loved that scene.

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