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Kung Fu Panda ★★★★★

Man, it’s been a while since the last dreamworks review.
I’ve been very busy with some stuff, you know the usual, schoolwork, some other reviews, and the travesty that was GOT season 8, plus, for this movie, I have a lot to say, but not today, this movie is simply put, a cinematic masterpiece, and it needs a big analysis to fully grapple everything I love about this movie, something which I can’t do right now because of the stuff I mentioned before.

So this’ll just be a quick little thing, I’ll probably return to this movie and it’s trilogy eventually.
But for now, let’s go over what I dislike




And that’s everything I dislike, now onto what I like.
Holy fucking shit this is so good, I legit can’t believe this film is as good as it is, every character is great, the dramatic story beats are extraordinary, it’s a really funny movie, the fights are beyond amazing, the score is something else, it’s all fucking fantastic.

One thing I love especially about this is the respect this film has for its cultural influences, there’s rarely ever a movie reference, none of the jokes ever make fun of any martial arts movies, and all the little details are great, this isn’t just another parody film with celebrity voice actors, it’s a respectful piece of art........with celebrity voice actors, but most of them fit don’t worry.

Po is such an excellent character, he’s relatable as hell and performed masterfully by Jack Black, Shifu is also a really good character, his arc in this film is fucking fantastic and that fight scene with him near the end is next to none, Oogway isn’t in this for very long, but he’s great in every scene, he’s both funny and wise, he often says good advice, and his ascension scene is probably one of the best scenes not only in these movies, not only in dreamworks, but in animated movies as a whole, the furious five are, ok, I like tigress, and Jackie Chan monkey is good for the 7 times he speaks in this whole franchise, but the rest are kinda forgettable, that bridge scene though, perfection, speaking of the bridge scene, what is a story without a villain, of course this movie has one, and he’s probably top 3 in terms of dreamworks villains, Tai Lung is so fucking great, he’s intimidating, he’s fierce, his design is awesome, his emotional depth is so good that despite everything bad he does, you feel for him, he is a tragic villain, and it’s really sad to see, especially in his final confrontation with Shifu.

Speaking of that, the action scenes in this are fucking beautiful, Tai Lung’s escape scene is a perfect way to set him up as a villain, and it’s fucking beautifully choreographed, the bridge fight is such a climatic fight, with the furious five using all their power together, but ultimately getting defeated by Tai Lung, it’s so good, Shifu vs Tai Lung, holy shit this is the dreamworks equivalent of Zuko vs Azula, it’s tragic, it’s intense, it’s fast paced, it’s all around phenomenal, and easily the best action scene of these movies, especially that part where Shifu tries to emotionally connect with him, and you can see Tai Lung reconsider for a second, then immediately go back to anger because of the scroll, then, some can say this final fight is a bit lackluster compared to the one that just happened, but I’d say it’s still great, Po vs Tai Lung is great, Tai Lung in this battle is the guy who has mastered every combo in the video game, and Po is the little brother that just mashes buttons but somehow wins, it’s a fun fight that feels like major levity after the last fight.

Yeah overall this movie is just a masterpiece, hopefully one day I can go into greater detail on why I love these movies, but for now, just know this film is among animation’s best.

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